What to do if my dog coughs

A sound alerts you – it is your dog coughing. As in humans, coughing in dogs is primarily the symptom of a more general disorder, benign or otherwise

A winter virus, a chill, ingestion of a foreign body, there are many reasons why dogs cough!

Regardless of whether a cough is generally mild and can be easily cured, any cough in a dog, whether dry or wet, should alert you and result in a veterinary consultation!

Why my dog coughs

  • A parasite: Your dog may have caught a parasite or minor fungal infection which then causes inflammation of the respiratory or cardiac system. Although microscopic, the parasites that cause coughing are formidable and need to be treated with the utmost rigour.
  • The breed: Some breeds of dog are more prone to coughing. This is particularly the case for some small house dogs such as pugs. Their flat face alters their breathing, often resulting in coughing or snoring.
  • The age of your dog: It is noteworthy that older dogs cough more than their younger companions. This is the result of chronic diseases favoured by age: cardiac or respiratory diseases can be dangerous and always require veterinary follow-up!
  • An infection: Like us, dogs are subject to infections, often caused by winter viruses. Influenza, bronchitis, these viral or bacterial diseases produce a dry or wet cough in dogs and must be closely monitored.

How to treat a dog with a cough

It is important to distinguish between different types of cough. For example, whether a dog is coughing and vomiting, or whether a dog is coughing and foaming at the mouth, or whether a dog has a dry cough. Broadly speaking, always consult a vet in order to understand the origin of the cough and whether special treatment is needed to relieve it.

Whether the vet believes that no medical treatment is required, or in addition to therapeutic follow-up, there are natural means of relieving a dog’s cough. Discover our recommendations for the well-being of your beloved dog:

  • Spices: Some herbs or spices have proved their value for dogs’ health. Cinnamon is known to be an excellent cough suppressant.
  • Honey: Recommended for dogs over two years old (below that age dogs cannot digest it), a spoonful of honey has a magical effect on dogs with a viral dry cough.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils of lavender and oregano are particularly well-known for their soothing effect on coughs. Never offer them to your pet undiluted and use a water diffuser. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits as well.
  • Humidifiers and steam: Like us, an excessively dry environment can cause irritation especially in breeds of dogs more prone to respiratory or asthmatic problems. Feel free to put your dog in the bathroom after running a hot shower or humidify the air from time to time.

And how about you? Does your dog cough? And if so, what are your natural remedies? Tell us all about it in the comments! 

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