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Is it possible to change the smell of dog excrement?

Living with a dog always involves scooping up excrement. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid it… However, you can make sure that the smell coming from your poop bags is just a little more pleasant. How? By providing the right food. But what is the right food? What other factors play a role?

Where do these smells come from?

Let’s not fool ourselves, no excrement will ever smell like roses. However, very smelly excrement can be a sign of digestive trouble.

The odour you smell is actually sulphur that is produced when bacteria in the intestine break down food. The harder these bacteria have to work, the more sulphur they produce and the stronger the odour. High-quality protein ensures better digestion. Meat is a source of high-quality protein.

If you are sure that your dog is not suffering from any diseases, the food is probably the cause. Once you have completely switched to fresh food, you will notice that the stools smell far less strongly. A fresh diet contains a much higher percentage of meat than dry kibbles. As it is easier to digest, your dog produces less gas, thus reducing (smelly) stools and farts!

However, if your dog continues to suffer from bad smells, it is time to consider the possibility of a food allergy or go to the vet.

What else can I do to improve the smell of my dog’s stools?

– Blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Add them to your dog’s diet to promote digestion. Read here (insert the fruit article link) which fruit your dog can still eat.

– Pumpkin contributes to healthy digestion and almost completely eliminates unpleasant odours. Indeed, the pumpkin is full of prebiotic fibres.

– Worm your dog every three months to prevent parasites or do a stool test.

Want to improve your dog’s intestinal well-being, reduce the number of stools without causing constipation and also reduce bad smells? Try Dog Chef meals!

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