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Our story


The adventure goes on

Today, Dog Chef is a close-knit team whose mission is to share happiness and well-being with as many dogs (and their owners) as possible.


October: A new chewy toy

Faced with such a craze for deer antlers, we decided not to stop there by offering your dearly beloved furry friends a new type of treat to chew on relentlessly: olive wood.

So if you want to protect your favourite shoes and keep your furniture intact, olive wood is THE solution that gives your pooch an activity providing long-lasting chewing pleasure.

April: A new recipe with pork

The Dog Chef menu is expanding to include a new pork recipe. This recipe has been crafted to perfection and meets many very strict quality criteria while offering your furry friend the ultimate in tasting pleasure! In addition to being tasty, it is easily digestible and contains no gluten, like all our other recipes.

January: The new Chicky treats

Because we know that your little darlings are great gourmets, we decided to expand our range of treats by adding Chicky. A healthy mild snack made with cured chicken meat. These snacks were created to match our meals: 100% natural, without colouring or preservatives. A tasty gourmet treat for sharing some wonderful moments with your furball.


December: on tv!

We open the doors of our facility for the tv show Coûte que Coûte


August: a crazy gamble

Faced with growing demand and the butcher’s kitchens having reached their maximum capacity, they decided to set up their own 1,500m2 workshop for the preparation of dog rations in Huldenberg, a few kilometres from Brussels.


April: an instant success

Very quickly, word-of-mouth spread and requests came in from all over. Alex’s kitchen having become too small, they move to a butcher’s kitchen where they cook the dishes they will deliver themselves.

March: a challenge

Alexis talks about his experience to Alex, who researches the subject. Internet, vets, books, everything seems to confirm their idea: home-made rations are the best for the health and appetite of dogs. It’s decided, they will cook for the dogs around them.

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