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How can you create a Dog Friendly space for your pet?

When we decide to bring a dog into our family, buying the basket is in the top 3 things to do before our new companion arrives. While the basket is an essential part of our furry friend’s well-being, we must also think carefully about arranging a corner reserved only for our dog, we will explain why.

What should you think about setting up a space for your dog?

Set aside a space especially for it:‍

This place should be respected by all members of the family. If you have children, teach them to respect the dog’s space and to not disturb it when it is in its basket. Even if your dog gets along well with your children, it will sometimes need quiet time and won’t appreciate being constantly disturbed, much like we do.

Choose the right place ‍

It is essential to choose the right place to be reserved for our furry companion, neither too crowded nor completely isolated.  

  • The dog’s corner should not be in a passageway. You shouldn’t have to step over your dog to pass it. We should therefore avoid entrance halls or high-traffic areas frequented by the whole family. Placing your dog in a quiet place also allows it to rest better when it is tired.
  • Bear in mind, however, that your dog can soon suffer from loneliness or isolation, so choose a place in the house where it will not feel totally excluded from the rest of the family, a corner of the living room or the dining room will be perfect.

Giving it space near a window, good or bad idea?

If you have a choice, try not to use the area next to a window for your dog’s space, so that it is not bothered by direct sunlight or draughts.

The bed

Whether you choose a plastic basket or a comfortable cushion, keep in mind that your dog’s bed should be correct for its size. That is, neither too big nor too small.  If your dog’s basket is too big, it will feel lost and therefore insecure. Conversely, if it is too small, your pet will tend to seek another place, more comfortable and better suited to its needs.

Tips: How do you know if the bed size is right for your dog?

Your dog should not only be able to curl into a ball (a sense of comfort and security) but also to stretch out fully. To find out how big its bed should be, measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail and add between 6 and 12 inches (15 and 30cm).

The bowls‍

In general, it is not recommended that you leave self-serve food with your dog all day. This is especially the case if you prepare your own dog food. To preserve the freshness of the food, remove the bowl after 20 minutes and offer it again for its evening meal, for example.

Be careful, be sure to contact your vet if your dog suddenly lacks appetite and this is not its normal behaviour.

Your dog should however have access to water as often as it needs it. So remember to leave it a bowl of fresh water always available.


As we now know, a dog needs physical and mental  stimulation throughout the day. However, you cannot take it out when you are not there. So you have to think about leaving it things to keep it amused, like rope or plastic toys. These stimulate, amuse and tire it too. That helps avoid the problems of destruction in the house. Remember not to leave these toys available to the dog all the time, so they are valued.

Tips: You can also leave things for it to chew on like deer antlers or Kong-type toys pre-filled with a delicious Dog Chef meal. By doing this, you are equating your absence with something pleasant for your dog.

What about a dog cage?‍

The cage is often debated among canine owners. However, if it is not associated with punishment, it can be a comforting place for your dog as long as it is accustomed to it from a young age. The cage can therefore be considered a refuge for your dog.

It also ensures the safety of your hairy companion during your absence. As a puppy is not mature, it can cause a lot of damage in the house, but also create danger for itself by ingesting things that are dangerous for it.

Do you need ideas for arranging your dog’s space? ‍

Visit our Pinterest account, where we have created a dedicated table for you with all our great thoughts on the subject!

And what about you? How did you organise the area for your furry companion?

Do not hesitate to send us your photos by email to the address: [email protected] or to identify us on Instagram with the mention @dogchef_fr

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