DIY – a bandana for your dog

STEP 1: Take and record measurements

Begin by measuring the collar, excluding the buckle: Here, the collar is a total of 41 cm long. Without the buckle, it is 34 cm long.

To find the dimensions of your square, measure it without the buckle and subtract 4 cm.

*NB: These 4 cm correspond to the width of the edges that we will sew in the next step.

On your fabric, draw a square corresponding to the measurements taken above and cut it out. 

In our example, we will therefore be 34cm – 4cm* = 30cm

STEP 2: Make an edge to hem the bandana.

Fold the square back on itself to form a triangle, as in the photo.

Cut the two acute angles at right angles. 

To find out how far to cut, take the measurement of the widest part of your collar. 

In our case, the widest part of the collar is 2.5 cm and we take 0.5 cm for a safety margin

Tip: a brief ironing will help your fabric to be positioned correctly

Remove the fabric, and we will now make the hems.

To do this, just fold 1 cm of the fabric over itself twice

Attach sewing pins to the edges to secure them in place and sow the edges. 

You have completed this step, congratulations!

STEP 3: Sew your bandana 

Open and turn and fold your fabric so that it forms a triangle again.

Place several sewing pins along your future edge so the fabric doesn’t move when you sew. 

Tip: remember to iron briefly again to position the fabric properly

All you have to do now is sew the edges. We used a sewing machine, but you can do it by hand very well.

When you’re done, remove the sewing pins and turn your bandana the right way around. 

To put the fabric back in the “right” direction, all you have to do is pass your bandana through one of the holes at the ends.

You’ve done the hard part, you can be proud of yourself! 

STEP 4: Finishing touches 

For a more finished look, we chose to sew finishing edges all around the bandana, but it is not mandatory!

STEP 5: Impress!

Now that your furry friend’s bandana is finished, all you need to do is put it on his/her collar and take lots of photos of your stylish dog

Don’t hesitate to send us photos of your furry friends with their bandana! 

Happy DIY. 

Coralie for Dog Chef. 

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