Can my dog stay outside all day?

Spring is back and with it comes warmer temperatures. Owners who are able to do so are tempted to leave their pets outside all day, but is this really a good idea? This article has the answers and explanations.

Can my dog stay outside all day?

To end the suspense right away: yes, dogs can stay outside all day. However, we would like to draw your attention to the following points:

Fence off your garden

If you have chosen to leave your dog outside all day, make sure your garden is fully fenced and that there are no holes or gaps through which itcan escape.

Leave some water out

Dogs need to drink lots of water This is particularly the case for those who eat mainly dry food. Remember to replace your furry friend’s water every day with more temperate water.

Give it a comfortable shelter

It is important that your dog has a place to rest, to hide, to protect itself from the rain, but also from the sun and the heat.

  • Give your dog a comfortable kennel, not too big and not too small (your dog should be able to lie down completely).
  • Adding a memory foam mattress, a pillow or even straw will make it more comfortable and provide a barrier against the cold.
  • Give it some treats and favourite toys so that it will want to move in and understand that it has his own place.

Pay attention to its health and age:

If you want to take a puppy or senior dog outside, keep in mind that they may not be able to handle large temperature changes or bad weather. If in doubt, consult your vet.

What about the breed?

While some breeds tolerate cooler temperatures very well (e.g. Leonbergers and Bernese Mountain Dogs), others are more vulnerable. This is particularly the case with short-haired or very thin dogs such as greyhounds.

What should I do if my dog barks all day and disturbs the neighbours?

If your dog only cries or howls when you are away, it is probably due to separation anxiety. Afin de remédier à ce problème, vous devez établir une relation de confiance avec votre chien. Your pet must understand that when you leave, you always come back. This is why it is so important to teach them to be on their own from an early age. You can find advice on this in this article. If the situation becomes really problematic, don’t hesitate to call in a behavioural specialist to help you deal with the problem.

If my dog is out all day, do I need to take it for a walk?

It is important to continue to walk your dog daily even if it stays outside all day. Allowing your dog to spend the day outside when the weather is good (and even not so good) will always do it more good than staying cooped up at home all day. However, it is important to take your dog for a walk to satisfy its social needs and let it sniff new smells 🙂

In conclusion, the dog is often a full-fledged member of the family and you have to be attentive to its needs (resting, walking, stimulation, food, etc.). Ultimately, yes you can leave your dog outside all day if you think it would be good for it. But if you prefer your pet to stay in the house while you are away, that’s fine too!

And what about you? Do you ever leave your dog outside for a whole day? How does it react when you come back? Let us know! 🙂

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