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10 benefits of deer antlers for dogs

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A deer antler bone is a super healthy chew treat for your dog! It helps to keep his teeth clean and releases ‘happy’ brain chemicals. This satisfies your dog while you – as an owner – also benefit from this perfect pet treat. Not once, not two, but ten (!) times. Just read more.

What are the benefits of deer antlers for my dog?

1. Deer antlers help to prevent your dog’s bad breath

Humans were trained to brush their teeth while dogs keep their mouth healthy by chewing actions. Many dog chew treats promise fresh breath, but they only cover up the bad smell temporarily with fragrant ingredients. They also negate the benefits of dog chew treats, so that dental plaque is given free rein again. Deer antlers, on the other hand, remove plaque in two ways:

1. Mechanical

While chewing, the hard surface of the antlers scrapes against your dog’s teeth and gums. Just like the bristles of your toothbrush! The plaque is actively scraped off and removed.

2. Chemical

While chewing, your dog produces saliva. It contains enzymes that dissolve plaque, facilitating the scraping and removing of plaque and tartar build-up. Think of it as an endogenous toothpaste.

2. Deer antlers release happiness hormones

Your dog has a natural chewing need, inherited from its wolf ancestors. Chewing on deer antlers releases positive brain chemicals like endorphins or happy hormones. Hence deer antler chews keep your dog happy and provides them with a feeling of peace and well-being. Chewing on deer antlers is therefore an excellent treatment for stress and anxiety.

3. Deer antlers burn up fat

In contrast to traditional naturally-flavoured bones such as dried pig ears and bones from pressed cattle and pig skin, a deer antler bone contains no calories and very little fat: only 0.1%. Your dog’s body will even burn more fat while chewing than he’s storing. In addition, chewing reduces his hunger, making it easier for your dog to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

4. Deer antlers promote digestive health

As your dog gnaws on deer antlers after a meal, he ingests many natural nutrients with a positive effect on your dog’s digestion. Digestive enzymes are released in the intestine during chewing, breaking down and wearing away small pieces of nutrients into small components and energy. A deer antler bone is therefore the ideal dessert for your pooch!

5. Deer antlers provide a source of calcium and minerals

Deer antler is packed with healthy nutrients such as magnesium (26%), calcium (21%), phosphorus (10%) and iron (0.1%). These substances are essential for benefiting your dog’s bones, teeth, muscles, nervous system and heart.

6. Deer antlers helps reduce boredom

If your dog is bored, he may start barking, whining, licking, sneaking or peeing. This can easily be prevented by giving your dog sufficient attention and exercise. But we all know you can’t spend all day on your dog. Deer antlers keep your dog entertained and engaged to help reduce boredom. A deer antler bone is a good occupational therapy to fill in this downtime.

7. Deer antlers get your dog tired

Your dog has to rely on agility to remove the tasty marrow out of the antlers. This makes chewing a popular, challenging and intensive sport for dogs. Let your dog spend half an hour with his deer antler, it will tire him out and make him very weary. Conclusion? This is the perfect time to leave him alone for a few hours without worrying about him tearing up your furniture.

8. Deer antlers are inexpensive

A deer antler from Dog Chef costs 7.99 to 13.99 euros, depending on its size. That’s a bargain considering even the most avid furry chewers can enjoy their chewy treat for weeks. The perfect long-lasting entertainment for your dog!

9. Deer antlers do not stain

Rawhide bones turn into a distasteful knit that resembles soggy cardboard after some time. Real bones contain oil so they can be quite messy and greasy and stain your furniture. Deer antlers, on the other hand, absorb little or no saliva and do not stain. So it leaves no traces on your furniture.

10. Deer antlers do not smell

Most chewy dog treats carry a very pungent odour. Some pet owners decide that their dog is only allowed to chew bones outside in the garden. That’s where the deer antlers come in because they don’t smell. Deer antlers are therefore the ideal dog treats for owners with a sensitive stomach and for dogs living in an apartment.

A guide to deer antlers for dogs

A high-quality deer antler is a tasty and safe chew for dogs. Its bony material doesn’t splinter but crumbles, so you don’t have to worry about sharp parts ending up in your dog’s digestive tract. Still, there are a few general safety precautions to keep in mind when feeding your dog a deer antler:

1. Remove the bone if it gets too small

The main threat with any bone is that your dog will try to eat it instead of chewing it. The smaller the bone gets, the more it will seduce your dog to swallow it. Abort mission because this large, hard object can block the digestive system, resulting in constipation. Make sure to remove the last piece of deer antler when it’s worn down to avoid trouble.

2. Don’t let your dog ‘eat’ the bone

Make sure to keep a close eye on your dog while he’s chewing on his deer antler bone. Paying attention while your dog is gnawling on the bone is the only safe way to prevent your dog from possible choking if it becomes too small. If your dog is able to gulp the bone, he could no longer be chewing, but swallowing and ‘eating’ it. Small pieces of deer antler are also very harmful for your dog’s teeth. Large dogs with strong jaws could even break teeth while chewing. 

3. Rather purchase the deer antler bone a size too big

Dog Chef deer antlers come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Not sure which size is best for your dog? Always choose the largest bone! A small bone ensures that your dog will gulp the whole, increasing the choking risk.

In conclusion

Deer antlers offer your dog all the goodness of a bone without the high fat content, stains and unpleasant odour of traditional chews. In addition, no animal was captured, killed or harassed during the creation of this tasty treat for your pooch. Deer antlers are the perfect change from most other treats! 

Dying to know whether our deer antlers are a hit with your dog?

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