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Bugsy: A new insect-based dog treat from Dog Chef

Although you are certainly not a big fan of insects… Did you know that they have many benefits for our health and that of our 4-legged friends? But what are they? Dog Chef takes stock of this new way to delight your dog!

An alternative to meat

No need to tell you that the animal shelves of supermarkets are full of meat and fish foods. It is estimated that pets represent 20% of global consumption of these foods.

Why are meat and fish good for dogs?

As a carnivore, your dog will need animal protein to stay active and healthy. Essential to the dog’s development, meat and fish are a considerable source of iron, vitamins, proteins and minerals

But make no mistake, these components are not found only in meat (beef, poultry, pork, etc.) or fish. They are also present in insects, which, despite their small size, often have nutritional qualities equivalent or even superior to those of meat! Impressive, isn’t it?

An excellent nutrient

Insects are excellent for dogs because of their dense, rich and balanced nutritional value. In addition to having a high level of protein, insects contain a lot of omega 3 and 6 which are essential for maintaining healthy skin and coat and for improving dog mobility.

Better digestion

Insect meal  is highly digestible and is a totally innovative source of protein in the diet of our furry friends. The high digestibility of their proteins and their biological value are ideal for dogs with difficult digestion, which often have problems with their diet. A simple and effective way that gives your pooch all the good nutrients provided by insects while avoiding digestive problems!

A solution for allergic dogs

Insects are ideal for dogs with food allergies and intolerances because unlike conventional protein providers like beef, insect protein has virtually no allergy potential.

Relief for the kidneys

The kidneys are a filtering organ whose purpose is to remove harmful substances from the body. Sometimes overloaded by environmental influences, the kidneys are no longer able to perform their tasks properly, which can lead to kidney failure.

Thanks to their excellent digestibility, insect proteins can help relieve the kidneys and thus spare them any residues. This is why a diet based on insects is ideal for preventing kidney problems, renal pathologies or for dogs with kidney weakness.

Good to know: A change in diet plays a decisive role in the treatment of kidney failure in dogs. So be sure to give your furry friend quality food.

A healthy and above all tasty snack 

Due to their nutty and vegetal smell, insects are very appreciated by our gourmet pooches!

In addition to contributing to their health, they are also very low in calories. An insect consists of about 16% fat, the ideal food to hold the line but also to give to doggies with pancreatitis (in moderation of course!).

New from Dog Chef: Bugsy treats

At Dog Chef, we are constantly seeking to innovate, while meeting the needs of your furry friend, with the main objective of contributing to their health and well-being while delighting them!

This is why we have developed, in collaboration with veterinarians specialising in canine nutrition, Bugsy treats. A treat that is a little more out of the ordinary, to which your doggie can only succumb!

Bugsy treats are hypoallergenic and suitable for all types of dogs, whether they are allergic or suffer from digestive problems. We can confirm that itis one of nature’s best kept secrets!

What are Bugsy’s made of?

This Benefits+ treat is composed of natural ingredients, 100% ecological proteins and insect meal whose effectiveness has been clinically proven on bone remineralisation and the comfort of the dog’s joints.

Bugsy’s are mainly composed of fully dehydrated larvae to create a flour rich in protein, nutrients and minerals.

They also contain mealworms that have a higher content of polyunsaturated fatty acids than fish, as well as the same content of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Each insect provides a considerable dose of protein for its size. Considered a delicacy, insects are a tasty nutrient-dense treat.

Add to insects, antioxidants (turmeric, marshmallow roots, spirulina, tocopherol) which aim to eliminate free radicals, thus limiting cellular ageing (cause of organ failure, cancer, inflammation, etc.).

In short, what good things for a perfectly healthy pooch!

What makes Bugsy so unique as a food source?

A minimal ecological footprint! Insect proteins are more environmentally friendly and more sustainable. High performance for your furry friend, low impact for the planet; what more could we ask?

When should I give Bugsy to my dog?

As a master attentive to the health of your dog, you do your best to keep him in good shape: regular walks, activities, games, etc. Add to that the Bugsy treats; ideal as rewards during walks or training andan excellent alternative to commercial snacks which are not always suitable for your dog’s needs.

You now know why insects are revolutionary and beneficial for the health of our furry friends. Make one happy: offer him a healthy and balanced reward! Slip a bag of Bugsy into your next order by going to your Dog Chef account.

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