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How to take care of your dog before the holidays

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching… Our doggies need to be taken care of. Nothing better than Christmas Eve to beautify your furry friend!

Does your dog often have bad breath? Are his claws too long and do they seem to bother him? Dog Chef gives you a nudge of a paw to follow a healthy lifestyle.

1. A habit to adopt every day

Maintaining a dog’s claws and his oral hygiene requires special attention from an early age. That’s why they should be checked regularly in order to get your pooch used to being handled and to avoid any inconvenience that can have an impact on his health and well-being.

2. When should it be done?

As soon as it is adopted, it is important to get your pet used to brushing its teeth by instituting it as a ritual. The first few times, just use your finger without toothpaste, just to get it used to the handling. Then use a special dog toothbrush, or a microfibre finger on which you place toothpaste specially designed for your pet.

Ideally, teeth brushing should be done after each meal. We can well imagine that with the best will in the world, this is not always possible. Weekly brushing will be entirely sufficient and will limit the harmful effects of dental plaque and help prevent gingivitis, cavities and abscesses.

As for the claws, in principle, they wear out naturally on contact with hard surfaces such as concrete, paving stones or asphalt. However, for some dogs, it will be necessary to cut their claws in order to avoid ingrown toenails which are intensely painful.

Claws should be cut approximately:

  • Once a month, when they do not wear out enough on their own;
  • When the phalanges begin to deform due to the excessive length of the claws and the dog adopts an unusual posture;
  • If the claws touch the ground when standing.

3. SOS, instructions!

Brushing your pooch’s teeth has never been easier! However, he still has to let you do it… Here are the different steps:

  • Gently lift the lips around his mouth;
  • Brush only the front teeth: from top to bottom for the top ones, from bottom to top for the bottom ones;
  • Then gently brush his premolars, then his molars with the same movement.

Now let’s tackle the claws! To do this, make sure you have the right tool. No question of using the bathroom nail clipper, nor a pair of cutting pliers from your toolbox. Use a claw cutter suitable for dogs, available in pet stores. Then check that its paws are clean and clean them if necessary.

Serious things can finally begin, here are our tips:

  • Keep in mind that you should only cut the animal’s dead claws.
  • For dogs with white nails, the dead part is that which is not a pink colour (this indicates the presence of blood vessels)
  • In case of black nails, the exercise requires the use of a lamp to differentiate between dead and undone claws.
  • Always have cotton and hydrogen peroxide ready in case of any injuries.  

Some alternatives…

Although sometimes forgotten, chewing has many benefits. It allows them to naturally clean their teeth thanks to the salivary secretion that will take place. Favour durable and natural bones such as deer antlers or olive tree wood which will give your dog real chewing pleasure. Free from preservatives and other additives, they help maintain your pet’s oral health while having fun.

Is your scoundrel already getting impatient? Discover our different types of chewing bones.

As said above, the dog’s claws naturally wear out by rubbing on the ground. So favour long walks outdoors with your doggie. This will give him a lot of exercise while getting a nice manicure!

4. Planning a visit

We can never tell you enough, at the slightest doubt, to prevent any aggravating circumstances, consult a professional.

If there is too much tartar, only scaling and polishing the teeth by the veterinarian will take care of your animal and prevent possible future complications.

Are you uncomfortable cutting your dog’s claws? Don’t panic, you can delegate this job to a veterinarian or a dog groomer.

You now have all the cards in hand to make your scoundrel the star of the evening!

STAY TUNED – Other tips for dressing up your dog will follow very soon…

The Dog Chef team wishes you a very happy holiday season☺

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