How to boost your dog’s immune system?

The cold season is coming, and with it its share of little ailments that we would all like to be able to do without… Yes! Even your dog has a weakened immune system and is prone to winter ailments, and while we can’t pass on our viruses from one species to another, we all have to deal with various illnesses. Let’s work together for the health of our dogs.

Let’s see how to boost your dog’s immune system, whether he has an autoimmune disease or just needs a boost to get through the winter!

Boost your dog’s immune system

Good nutrition for good health

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? However, we can never repeat it enough: a good diet is the basis of good health. We advise you to offer fresh food to your pet, following the rules of the homemade mix (a dose of protein, a dose of slow sugar, a dose of oil and a dose of vegetables recommended for dogs). Manufactured dog biscuits, even if they are labelled as high quality, are not really suitable for your best friend. Too dry, they are often the cause of painful chronic constipation.

Exercise keeps your dog’s immune system strong‍‍

We understand the dilemma, you live in town with your dog and it’s raining heavily, it’s hard to want to put your nose outside, especially when your little apartment dog doesn’t need to go out much. Yet exercise is fundamental to your best friend. The dog is first and foremost a hunter and guardian programmed to live outdoors and exercise all day long. The days of hunting and seasonal migration are ancient history for most of us, but our best friend still has certain instincts, including the need to move around a lot.

Fortunately, even when you live in the city, there are many ways to keep your dog active!

Food supplements, best allies of the immune system

While good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle should help your dog avoid immune diseases, don’t be afraid to supplement your dog’s daily diet with food supplements and vitamins.


Vitamins, especially E and C, effectively prevent many and varied diseases including glaucoma, heart problems and coughs. Vitamin E strengthens the skin and muscles.


Probiotics help to reintroduce good bacteria into the animal’s intestinal flora. They are useful in winter when intestinal viruses are more numerous or after antibiotic treatment which tends to destroy all bacteria, whether harmful or beneficial.

Fish oil

Fish oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, above all prevents the risk of inflammation. There is little of it in canine diets as our best friends prefer meat, so it can be interesting to supplement them with a good quality fish oil!

What about you? How do you boost your dog’s immune system? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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