How can I improve my dog’s quality of life?

Like us, our furry friends are unfortunately not immortal, and there is no miracle cure to lengthen their life expectancy. Although… By adopting a few daily gestures, you will fully contribute to their well-being and save them a few extra years by your side! Because we would do anything to keep them with us as long as possible, Dog Chef gives you their advice to boost the life expectancy of your doggie.

1. Physical activity, his best ally!

To keep your furry friend in top shape and prolong his lifespan, it’s essential to keep him active. Exercise allows him to reduce his stress, increase the production of endorphins and balance his mood and emotions.

In short: the more your dog exercises, the better he will feel, both physically and mentally!

A daily 30 to 60 minute walk helps keep your hairball healthy, so don’t neglect this crucial step of the day! Also consider jogging with your pooch and letting him romp with other furry ones. Socialising with other dogs helps reduce stress and improves your pet’s overall quality of life.

Also take the time to play with your pooch to encourage him to exert himself physically, to stimulate him mentally and to strengthen your bond. Thanks to these moments of sharing, your dog learns to appreciate you, and above all, associates you with happiness and pleasure!

2. Enrich your daily life through stimulation

To keep your pooch happy, remember to keep him busy as much as possible! By training your dog, you allow him to keep his mind active. Mutual understanding between you and your pet is the key to a fulfilling relationship and helps strengthen your bond as you teach him new skills. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never too late to teach a dog new things. And what better than positive education to achieve this? This practice aims to encourage good behaviour from your doggie with a stroke, a treat, a toy or any other reward. We tell you more about this practice here.

3. Get a taste for a good diet

We will never stop telling you: “We are what we eat”. To keep a dog healthy, support its growth and promote its good development, there’s no secret… it happens in the bowl!

At Dog Chef, we are convinced that a fresh and balanced diet plays an essential role in the longevity of your pooch.

Your dog’s diet must provide him with all the nutrients he needs and must be adapted to his physical activity and physiological state (growing puppy, senior, nursing female dog, etc.).

Prefer meals based on natural ingredients, consisting of meat or fish, with carbohydrates and vegetables that will nourish intestinal flora. Don’t forget omega 3 and 6 as well as all the vitamins and minerals, present for example in our AlphaMix and OmegaMix supplements to obtain this balanced recipe! Don’t have enough time to cook good meals for your pooch? Dog Chef does it for you! All Dog Chef meals are adapted to your pooch according to its breed, age, weight, allergies, physical activity, etc., so that it enjoys and benefits from all the nutritional intake it needs. Order your trial box now by clicking here.

4. Prevention is better than cure…

Often neglected or even forgotten, dental hygiene of our furry friends is essential to their well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to gingivitis and sometimes even periodontal disease or infection. Regular brushing of your dog’s teeth as well as daily chewing of chewing toys and dental treats, significantly reduce these risks.

Beware of parasites! Whether external (fleas, ticks, chiggers, etc.) or internal (roundworms, tapeworms, protozoa, etc.), they can affect your furry friend’s quality of life and compromise his health. It is therefore advisable to deworm him every 6 months, or even more frequently, in the event that your dog has the habit of eating everything that falls under his nose.

5. Annual consultation: an essential ritual

Even if your pooch seems to be in good health, an annual visit to your veterinarian is strongly recommended. During this consultation, vaccines will be updated if necessary and a check-up of the state of health will be carried out. This routine examination aims to check the animal (ears, abdomen, weight, etc.), detect any possible abnormality in order to treat it and prevent it from progressing and provide a follow-up of the health history of your furry friend as he ages.

6. Time is GOLD!

The sad reality is that our canine friends age much faster than we do and there is no magic bullet to prolong their lifespan. Every minute spent with your furry friend is precious, so set up a routine of regular preventive care to give your dog every chance to live a long life and savour every moment by his side! And you, what do you do to boost your dog’s vitality?

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