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What good resolutions for you and your furry friend?

New Year means new resolutions! Yes, like every year, we humans are never short of ideas on 1st January. So why not join forces with your furball this time around? Because keeping good resolutions alone is good … but together it’s better!
Dog Chef gives you advice on spending 12 happy, healthy months with your rascal.

1. More exercise and adventures  

Certainly the most common resolution, but not the least important! Because regular physical activity is necessary for good health, take this opportunity to combine your good resolutions with those of your furry friend. They too need to exercise daily and want nothing better than to share activities with you.

Advice from Dog Chef:

  • Take walks more often and for longer with your pooch;
  • Break the routine by taking him to new places to explore (parks, forests, the sea, journeys, city trips…);
  • Invite him to join you in your sporting activities (jogging, cycling, hikes…).

In this way, you will stimulate him physically and mentally, and develop more bonds that unite you.

2. Eat more healthily  

We sense that this resolution will not last long! Although… Eating healthily does not mean going on a diet, but rather, making the right dietary choices. That is to say, opting for fresh, natural and unrefined products. And the same goes for your furry friend! Offer him a new way of eating with meals cooked with 100% fresh and natural ingredients. And who better than Dog Chef to help you make this new resolution a reality?

Why Dog Chef?

  • Fresh, home-cooked ingredients;
  • Bespoke portions;
  • Recipes developed with veterinarians specialising in canine nutrition;
  • Complete, balanced meals for optimal health;
  • Better digestion, fewer allergies.

You’ll see, your pooch won’t know how to do without it!

3. Get rid of bad habits  

Are you trying to give up smoking? Do it for yourself, but also for him. In addition to being exposed to the harmful substances in cigarette smoke by inhaling them, your pooch may also be sensitive to the smoke through his coat. Even if you smoke outside, your pet is still exposed to these harmful particles on your clothes, hands or hair. So, enough of bad habits, time for a healthy life!

4. Meet new people  

Just like us, dogs need regular social contact. Socialisation plays a vital role in our well-being and has emotional, mental and even physical benefits. So if your pooch is sometimes aggressive towards his fellow creatures, if he only loves you or if he is jealous of other members of the family, it is better to socialise him.Regular encounters every week will help him meet his social needs and allow him to be more at ease with himself.

Advice from Dog Chef:

  • Meet at the park at peak hours;
  • Sign up for an agility course;
  • Try a club training session;
  • Do canicross;
  • Go hiking with your dog.

To learn more about how to socialise your dog, read this article.

5. Become a better version of yourself  

Learning new things makes you grow as a person and contributes to your happiness. And the same goes for our 4-legged friends! Dogs love to learn new things and this is a great way to stimulate them mentally. If you want to create a good relationship and develop a bond with your pooch, education is a great way to achieve this. Take the time, and you’ll be surprised how much your dog can enjoy learning!

Start with basic commands and gradually teach him more complex things. An ideal way to set goals while improving your rascal’s training! Win-win, you say?

6. Take care of those you love  

It is essential to take more time to cultivate your relationships with those around you, your family, your friends and also your faithful companion. We play an important role in their lives and they in ours.

This is why we must take care of them on a daily basis. What could be better than a good massage or a long round of games as a thank for all the affection received fromFido throughout the year? Life is too short … so let’s make the most of them!

Follow these tips and strengthen the bond with your rascal, for a year filled with love and sharing.

And you, what are your resolutions for this new year?

The Dog Chef team wishes you a Happy New Year in 2022!

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