Is my dog fed properly? 5 signs that prove it

As a careful and health-conscious owner, you may wonder if you are feeding your faithful companion the best food. But how can you be sure that this food is really appropriate for it? Dog Chef sums up the telling signs!

✔ Firm stools in limited quantities

It’s not a myth. The stools reflect the food quality and say a lot about digestion. Firm stools in limited quantities signify that your dog is fed properly. However, if your furry friend tends to make several stools a day, whether they are soft or voluminous, it means that their food needs to be readjusted.

To understand better: when nutrients aren’t digested, they can be found in the stools and increase their volume. The smaller the stools, the more nutrients are being absorbed in your doggy’s tummy.

As explained in this article, stools vary according to the food. A dog that is fed exclusively with dry food will produce more faecal matter because this type of food is rich in cellulose, a substance that it cannot digest.

On the other hand, a dog that is fed fresh food, such as the Dog Chef homemade meals, will have healthier stools because it contains the nutrients necessary for its health. Thanks to a healthy and adapted diet, your dog’s body digests better what it eats and produces less stool without causing digestive problems.

✔ Beautiful fur and healthy skin

A healthy coat and skin are synonymous with an adequate diet that contains enough nutrients to bring good health and fur production.

You can recognise healthy fur by its bright colour and softness. A dog with dull fur with no shine and which shows signs of localised hair loss is a sign of poor nutrition.

The skin should not show patches or spots: it doesn’t peel and is soft to the touch. If your dog suffers from itchiness or bites itself excessively, it could indicate poorly balanced nutrition or a food allergy.

To remedy this situation, provide food with a healthy dose of fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6. Omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect. Omega 6 strengthens the skin and makes the coat shiny. With your Dog Chef subscription, you benefit from our Omega Mix, a food supplement based on sardine, colza, and sunflower oils.

To learn more about ensuring a healthy and shiny coat for your doggy, read this article.

✔ An empty food bowl

Because for it to want to eat, the taste is important! As a first step, make sure you give your doggy tasty food, which it loves to eat. To know what it likes, you need to experiment a little by changing its food progressively. Then, give preference to healthy, balanced food adapted to your dog’s characteristics (senior, puppy, ill, sterilised/castrated, etc.)

The Dog Chef advantage is that you have a large choice between 5 delicious recipes: chicken, beef, duck, fish and pork. Enough choice for every dog! To learn more about the ingredients that make up our recipes, click here.

✔ Not too hungry, not too full

Whether it is about quantity or quality, poor nutrition affects your dog’s weight, resulting in either losing too much weight or gaining too much weight, potentially causing obesity. Therefore, you must regularly keep track of your dog’s weight.

If your dog lacks appetite or, on the contrary, is constantly starving, it’s certainly because its food isn’t right for it. Think about ensuring that the quantities are adapted to their size, space out its meals correctly and give it well-balanced food.

For an increased sense of fullness, homemade meals are highly recommended. They are more filling because they contain more water. Above and beyond that, they are a good source of prebiotics, essential for the microbiome, thanks to cooked vegetables. When you order on Dog Chef, we calculate the quantities needed for your dog, considering its condition, age or breed. Calculate your dog’s homemade ration now by clicking here.

✔ A breath that’s not (too) nasty

Even if it is rare that a dog has a breath that smells as fresh as the morning dew, if it has a bad smell coming from its mouth, it’s certainly because of poorly-adapted nutrition. An excessive accumulation of tartar is the main cause of bad breath. Furthermore, giving food that has expired to your dog can also affect its breath and is, therefore, highly discouraged.

To alleviate this, give your dog some celery! Its long fibres act as a natural toothbrush and will reduce the amount of dental tartar and plaque.

Another alternative is deer antlers. This 100% natural treat helps to eliminate dental plaque, avoids the accumulation of tartar and keeps the teeth clean while giving your doggy something nice to chew. Add it to your next Dog Chef order and make your furry friend happy!

In conclusion…

A well-fed dog is a dog that receives a daily supply of protein, (good) fats, fibre, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, your doggy will have plenty of energy and be in optimum health!

If you are not sure which food to use, be aware that the Dog Chef meals are perfectly adapted and contain the essential components that your dog needs. Each meal is composed of almost 45% proteins, 20% carbohydrates, about 20% fat and is high in fibre. Is your doggy salivating already? Give our 2-week box a try!

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