Dog Chef follows you on holiday

That’s it, the holidays are finally here! You have thought of everything: the suitcases are being packed, accommodation is booked, you have activities planned for your dog, you went to the vet for a little pre-holiday check-up, and so on. What about meals for your furry friend?! What do you do about your Dog Chef subscription? Last minute panic? Not at all! We’ll explain the procedure to follow 🙂

Dog Chef delivers to you abroad

Did you know that you can change your subscription directly from your Dog Chef account? Address and delivery date, quantities, you can adjust your subscription as you wish!

How do you do this?

  1. Change the delivery frequency: go to your Dog Chef account under “delivery frequency” to change the delivery interval
  2. Modify the schedule: in the “Orders schedule” section, then select the order concerned. You can choose to move the delivery or modify the order (number of rolls, delivery address, etc.) Nothing could be easier!

Please note: these changes must be made no later than the Sunday preceding the delivery date. After this day, changes will no longer be possible

Dog Chef delivers in the following countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands. Are you going to another country? The next point is for you 😉

You take care of shipping

You can decide to take the sausages yourself on holiday. Remember to place them in an electric cooler so as not to break the cold chain.

Suspend the subscription

Finally, you can end your subscription at any time or suspend it for the duration of your holidays.

To postpone delivery to a later date:

  1. Go to your Dog Chef account under the heading “Order schedule”
  2. Then scroll down to the order you want to postpone and click on “Move delivery”. You just have to make your choice about the next date on which you want a delivery.

You want to give kibbles

Since they are dry, biscuits are easier to transport and store when travelling. However, we would like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • A smooth transition: consider gradually changing the diet of your furry friend to prevent your dog from getting sick. The ideal is to proceed in stages over 5 days. Gradually add the new food to your dog’s Dog Chef meals.
  • Your dog will need to drink more water: since biscuits don’t contain water, you will need to be sure to give your dog enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • We are not responsible for your furry friend’s unhappiness: From experience, we have noticed that changing diet from Dog Chef meals to biscuits often provokes dogs’ anger, for which we are not responsible 🙂


Now that the meal issue is settled, all you have to do is enjoy your holidays. Feel free to share your holiday photos on our social media.

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