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What is homemade mix?

Do you want to give your dog the best possible nutrition and would like to avoid manufactured dog biscuits? It is possible to prepare so-called “homemade mix” for your dog, i.e. homemade meals specially designed for your pet.

Careful! The dog, depending on its breed, but also its age and level of sedentary lifestyle, will have special needs. So what is the homemade mix really? And what are its advantages? We take stock together to see more clearly.

What is homemade mix?

The homemade mix is the portion of homemade food that you serve to your dog as a meal. Doubtful mash, manufactured dog biscuits with animal meal, manufactured dog food does not have a very good reputation. An owner always wishes the best for his best friend and it is very tempting to offer homemade food to his dog. The homemade mix therefore consists of a combination of meat, carbohydrates, oil and vegetables cooked for the dog.

There are many benefits of a homemade mix: you know exactly what’s in your pet’s bowl, you can control carbohydrate and nutrient intake, and you can treat your pet to homemade food rather than tasteless dog biscuits. This type of food does not represent any loss of time since today Dog Chef offers to compose this homemade mix for you.

How to get the most out of the homemade mix?

Like you, your animal is unique and has its own metabolism. Depending on his age, breed and build, he will have specific needs in terms of nutrition and the homemade mix allows you to follow these needs by adapting the quantity of meat, starch, vegetables and oil to these needs. However, it is very important to have a good understanding of nutrition and to know your pet well when preparing this type of meal. The homemade mix is also calculated according to the animal’s weight, which it will help to regulate. A dog that is too thin will put on a few pounds, while an obese dog will lose some. Whatever the animal’s situation, it will reach its ideal weight and maintain it without difficulty.

It is important to recalculate this ration regularly in order to adapt it to your pet throughout its life, according to its development, but also that of its environment (for example, in winter, your pet is less active and therefore needs to eat less food). With its intake of vitamins, proteins (you can opt for good quality fresh and raw meat), carbohydrates and oil, the homemade mix has it all. To be able to calculate the exact ration and provide your best friend with a diet that is as good as it is healthy, ask the help of Dog Chef who will compose for you perfectly balanced dishes that will delight your dog every day while guaranteeing you peace of mind and saving time. Calculate my dog’s homemade mix.

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