A new way to feed your dog

Our meals are cooked with 100% fresh and natural ingredients. Tailor-made portions are delivered to your door every month.

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Une nouvelle manière de nourrir votre chien

A new way
to feed your dog

100% fresh & natural
Femme blonde donne à manger, chien mange gamelle Dog Chef

Give your dog the very best

  • 100% fresh
  • 100% natural
  • 100% eating pleasure
The favorite food of thousands of dogs
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100% fresh and natural ingredients fit for human consumption

Cooked meals with more than 50% meat

Four delicious recipes

Complete and gluten-free meals, perfectly balanced and composed in cooperation with veterinarians specialising in dog food.
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Daily portions to suit every dog

Customized daily portion
Emballage des boudins Dog Chef
Emballage des boudins Dog Chef
Little dog (2kg)
Portion of 150gr
From 1,60€/day
Emballage des boudins Dog Chef
Medium dog (15kg)
Portion of 500gr
From 3€/day
Emballage des boudins Dog Chef
Large dog (30kg)
Portion of 800gr
From 5€/day

Take care of your dog thanks to our range of supplements

Products developed in collaboration with veterinarians specialising in dog food
  • The AlphaMix is our vitamin-mineral supplement. Pre- and pro-biotics for a dog in perfect condition.
  • Our OmegaMix provides Omega 3 & 6. It's a mixture of sardine, sunflower and rapeseed oil.
Gamme de compléments alimentaires
Illustration chien qui se roule

Formulated by veterinarians specialised in dogs nutrition

Everyone knows the quote "you are what you eat" and that is the reason why fresh, high quality ingredients are important to keep our pets healthy.
- Véronique Van Haegenborgh, Dog Chef veterinarian.
Livraison box Dog Chef, propriétaire et chien

Free delivery to your home

  • You can choose the desired day and time window for delivery, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Deliveries are done using refrigerated trucks or isothermal boxes.
  • The cold chain if respected at all times.
  • We recycle the box, you may return it to the courier at his next visit.

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