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Dog breeds prone to respiratory problems

When you adopt a dog, the first thing you think about is long walks, licking and, if you are well informed, barking and scratching in the garden. We think much less about the medical aspect, especially when it comes time to select the breed of your best friend.

Dog breeds prone to respiratory problems

However, depending on the species of dog, specific diseases can occur. The reason? Inbreeding sometimes precipitated by unscrupulous breeders, but also the morphology of the animal and its natural disposition to disorders such as being overweight. Some dog breeds are prone to respiratory problems, for example. These fairly common disorders cause panting and snoring in less severe cases and can be life-threatening in more severe cases. Rest assured, however, there are effective ways to prevent this kind of problem. Start with regular visits to the vet.

Causes of respiratory diseases in dogs:

While breed is often a cause of respiratory disease in dogs, there are many other reasons that keep your dog from breathing properly. It’s up to you to identify the problem, if necessary with the help of a professional: is the problem temporary? Does it occur at a specific time? Does your dog have any other symptoms?

My dog has ingested a foreign body: One of the main reasons for sudden breathing problems in dogs is the ingestion of a foreign body. 

My dog suffers from bronchitis:Viral, bacterial or even allergic, this well-known disease of all mammals causes inflammation of the bronchi.

My dog has tracheitis: Tracheitis is an inflammation of the trachea, it can be viral or bacterial and also causes hoarse barking.

My dog has developed a tumour:Unfortunately tumours and some more serious illnesses can also cause respiratory problems.

My dog suffers from a congenital malformation: Certain dog breeds are particularly susceptible to respiratory problems. Especially small dogs.

Dog breeds susceptible to respiratory diseases:

Brachycephalic dog respiratory syndrome is a condition that affects many breeds of small dogs. This syndrome causes breathing difficulties caused by too small nostrils and too soft and too long a palate which prevents the glottis from closing normally. The food thus ingested is then likely to end up in small quantities in the lungs, which then degenerates into pneumonia.

While not all individuals of the same breed are affected, be vigilant if you own a dog of one of the following breeds:

  • Boston Terriers;
  • French Bulldogs;
  • English Bulldogs;
  • Boxers;
  • Pugs;
  • Lhasa Apso;
  • Pekingese;
  • Shar Pei; 
  • Shihs tsu.

Not all dogs of the breeds mentioned are subject to these diseases, but you should be very vigilant. The first symptoms appear when the dog becomes an adult. If snoring is normal, especially in the Pug, a preventive visit to the veterinarian will allow you to determine if the dog is affected. It is essential to ensure the health of your precious companion.

What about you? Have you noticed a respiratory disorder in your purebred dog? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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