7 breeds of outdoor dog

You live in a beautiful house in the countryside and would like a companion to perfect your happiness. Did you know that some dog breeds were made for living in an apartment while others, on the contrary, were intended for the countryside? Large dogs that need space, but also more physical exercise than their little friends, spring to mind in particular. So, if you have a lot of space and the opportunity to offer your dog a pleasant outdoors life, why not do so! Behind their commanding presence, these large dogs are often keen on cuddles and licking and get along well with children.

Discover the 7 breeds of large dog best suited to life in the countryside! Make sure to plan for space, these affectionate large dogs love to exert themselves. Also remember to focus on a homemade diet as their powerful metabolisms require appropriate nutrition that is tailored to their needs!

The Newfoundland

This large dog that doesn’t like to be alone and needs company is very loyal. It loves being with children, who are rarely impressed by its height of 80 cm and weight of 60 to 70 kg. These outdoor dogs are meant to spend their days outdoors exerting themselves or they will become overweight.

The Saint Bernard

Don’t be deceived by its impressive stature – this large dog, the king of mountain rescuers, is calm and tranquil. It is also sociable and affectionate and loves children. By virtue of its function, it needs to exert itself to keep in shape. Its favourite environment? High altitudes, of course!

The Great Dane

Despite its size and imposing appearance which make it an ideal guard dog, this large breed of dog weighing as much as 110 kilos is affectionate and loyal. Dogs of this size require special maintenance and many hours of daily exercise outdoors.

The Neapolitan Mastiff

This great furry teddy bear with the appearance of a hound is an excellent guard dog and both effective and gentle with its masters. The care of its coat  requires special attention and a refined diet or it will suffer from stomach pain. A homemade diet is therefore highly recommended.

The German Shepherd

This large guard dog is perfect for ensuring your safety, but it is also an affectionate animal that loves long nature walks at the side of its masters. Its past as a shepherd means it is an animal that needs to continue exerting itself, as if it were still in contact with the flocks. This instinct makes it perfect for farming activities!

The Bouvier des Flandres

Like their Shepherd cousin, the Bouviers are a family of dogs intended to guard herds. Specialising in cattle, the Bouvier is unparalleled in bringing a dissipated herd into line. Although it continues to work wonders in the farming world, it is also perfectly content with a large house and garden, as long as you take it out every day and give it attention!

The Great Gascony Blue

This slender hunting dog can reach up to 40 kg as an adult and is a hunting specialist. If you don’t need it to be an experienced hunter to adopt a big blue, it instincts lead it to scratch  and require that you take great care of its coat  as it loves rolling in the mud.

And what about you? Which breed of dog have you adopted for your outdoor life? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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