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10 ideas to help your dog exercise (well)

What happens when a dog doesn’t exercise enough?

When a dog is not exercising enough or is bored, he tends to destroy everything in the house or be unmanageable on walks. In the most extreme cases, he may even develop inappropriate behaviours. In addition, a dog that does not let off steam enough will tend to become overweight, which can be extremely bad for its health!

If you already have a busy life, you are probably wondering how you could help your dog to exercise (well) so that he is calmer and more serene. Don’t panic, in this article we give you 10 ideas to help your dog release his energy.

Take him for a walk every day‍

It seems obvious, but taking the dog for a walk every day is essential for him. Not only does the walk meet his need to exert himself physically, but it also allows him to be mentally stimulated. In fact, your dog needs to smell new smells and see new things (and new dogs) in order to meet his social needs.

A dog that does not go out enough often becomes unmanageable for the masters: he barks, runs away, destroys things in the house (like your shoes for example). As you will have understood, it is not enough to open the garden gate to calm your dog. Remember to adapt the walking time according to your dog’s age.

Olfactory exercises

Did you know that your dog spends a lot of energy sensing the world around him? The sense of smell being one of your dog’s most developed senses, you will make him very happy by stimulating him. How do you do this? For example, you could hide small treats in the house or in the garden and encourage your dog to find them.

Take it to new places

This is similar to the olfactory exercises. When you take your dog to an unfamiliar place, you’ll notice that he spends his time smelling every twig (sometimes to his owner’s dismay). While your dog enjoys these discoveries, they also make him very tired. Chances are, your dog will be tired when he gets home.

Teach him new things, new commands / give him training

Contrary to what some may think, all dogs are capable of learning new commands. When you teach your dog something new, you not only create a moment of sharing with him, but you also stimulate his senses… And this makes him tired! So don’t hesitate any longer and ask him to bring your slippers, for example.  

Give him games (Kong or Aïkiou type)

Giving your dog toys will help him fight boredom while you’re away, but will also help him develop his senses and jaw strength.

You can also challenge your dog with educational games such as a dog chess game (yes, it exists!) or a Snuffle Mat (digging mat).

Organise meetings with other dogs

If you need social contact, so does your dog. For example, you could arrange to meet other dogs in the local park. Dogs often train with each other, so they will be more likely to run and have fun together.

For your part, it gives you the opportunity to chat with people who have at least one thing in common with you.

Take him swimming

Not all dogs are good swimmers. Some breeds, however, such as the Newfoundland, Labrador and Leonberg, love water and are very good swimmers! Think of pleasing them by taking them on a trip to the sea, for example. If the sea is too far, did you know that there are swimming pools reserved for dogs?

Play hide and seek

Playing hide-and-seek with your dog is not only a good way to exercise him, but it also creates a real bonding moment with him. You don’t need to live in a big house for this, just keep your dog away while you hide and then let him find you on his own.

Give him something to chew

Did you know that chewing is a very important mechanism in dogs? This allows him to calm down and gives him real satisfaction. As an added bonus, giving your dog something to chew on will prevent him from teething on that lovely china cabinet you just bought, for example. And if you’re not comfortable giving him bones to chew on, consider deer antlers, which dogs love.

Play “fetch”

If you can’t take your dog on long daily walks, at least help him run with a goal: to fetch the ball, for example. Your dog will not only get a good workout, but will also feel rewarded by each of your “Well done my beautiful!


Have you ever thought of Canicross? The practice of this sport consists of a team run… And with his dog, linked to his master’s belt with a harness provided for this purpose. Be careful though, you risk being at least as tired as your furry friend after a canicross session.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to help your dog exercise, whether you are a sportsman or not! Remember to stimulate your dog every day to help him feel good and share little moments of happiness with him.

What about you? What do you do to help your dog exercise? We look forward to your tips and tricks in the comments!

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