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Why shouldn’t dogs eat onions?

Onions add a lot of flavour to dishes, Bolognese, beef bourguignon, soups, we find them everywhere … But what is good for us is not good for dogs. What makes onions toxic? And can we still give them a small amount? We reveal all. Together to guarantee a perfect nutrition to our furry ones.

Why onions are toxic

Onions contain disulphides and thiosulphates. Unlike us, dogs do not have the enzyme to break down these harmful substances that are also present in garlic, leeks and chives. Disulphides and thiosulphates damage red blood cells, causing anaemia in the long term. If you want to flavour your dogs’ dishes, offer them suitable spices and aromatic herbs instead.

The symptoms of onion poisoning

● Pale or discoloured mucous membranes: If your dog is anaemic, its mucous membranes are no longer sufficiently permeated and lose their red colour. Place a finger on its gum, if it turns red again as soon as you remove it, the dog is healthy.

● Vomiting

● Diarrhoea

● Breathlessness

● Gasping

● Lethargy

● Elevated heart rate

● Abdominal pain: Your dog adopts a strange posture and rounds its back in an effort to lift its stomach.

● A decrease in or loss of appetite

● Coloured urine

● Blood in stool, urine or vomit

Can my dog eat a small amount of onion?

The answer is no.

Even a very small amount of onion (fresh or powdered) can be harmful to your dog. The fact that the onion is raw, cooked or fried makes no difference. The smallest piece of onion can potentially damage red blood cells.

Of course, the size and weight of your dog are also a factor. The lower the weight of the animal, the stronger and faster the poisoning. If your Great Dane swallows a little onion, this will not have the same effect as on your Chihuahua.

Onions and garlic are particularly dangerous because their harmful substances accumulate slowly (the same phenomenon is observed with theobromine contained in chocolate). They are therefore preferably avoided.

If you suspect your dog has consumed onion, consult a vet immediately who will induce your dog to vomit, pump its stomach or administer activated charcoal. This product, which you can administer yourself, absorbs toxins before eliminating them via stools.

In case of severe poisoning, a transfusion may be necessary so consult a vet as soon as possible!

Be very careful

Many dishes contain onion, without us even realising it. Tomato sauce, minced meat, pizza, vegetable dishes, salads, etc. So, avoid feeding your dog your leftovers, even if it gives you its famous endearing look.

If you want to mix it up a little, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that you can give your dog.

Have you learned a few things? Has your dog ever accidentally consumed onion? Share your experiences in the comments.

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