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Is olive oil healthy for dogs?

Olive oil has numerous health benefits for humans. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, lowers cholesterol and eliminates excess pounds. If olive oil is healthy for humans, is it considered safe for dogs too? It sure is! Olive oil is a key player in everyone’s kitchen and it has many health benefits for dogs!

Increased immune system

Could your dog’s immune system use a boost after illness or during seasonal changes? That’s high likely! Just a spoonful of olive oil a day will improve the health and faster recovery after illness. 

Weight control

The healthy fats in olive oil stimulate gradual burning of fat cells in your dog’s system, which is ideal to achieve and maintain an optimal health and body weight. In addition, olive oil increases your dog’s insulin sensitivity. Result? Your dog will burn sugars faster and the risk of diabetes is drastically reduced. Discover how to maintain your dog’s healthy body weight.

It’s poop o’clock

Olive oil is beneficial for the digestive health of your dog. The natural fats in olive oil ensure a convenient digestion in case your four-legged friend suffers from constipation. Adding olive oil to your dog’s daily meal will ensure everything to keep moving along smoothly. A useful remedy against bowel movement problems!

Brain food

Eating olive oil won’t make your dog smarter, but it will prevent cognitive decline. How is that? By improving the transmission of signals in the brain. It will help his consciousness, memory, his ability to concentrate and his locomotion. Does your dog count some grey hairs? Feed him one teaspoon of olive oil each day. It will boost your dog’s immune system and help your dog feel young!

Increased life expectancy

A spoonful of olive oil promotes all kinds of benefits for your dog’s overall health. It reduces the risk of certain age-related diseases such as cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes. Olive oil is a natural ‘health shot’ to protect your dog for years to come. 

Increased stamina

Olive oil enhances a healthy blood circulation and facilitates your dog’s breathing. Snub-nosed breeds of breeds like bulldogs and pugs are particularly sensitive to respiratory problems. A dash of olive oil mixed through your dog’s favourite meal makes the whole thing more airy, and we mean that literally.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A whiff of beauty cream? Move over. Olive oil presents itself as the perfect cosmetic. It keeps skin cells healthy and hydrates your pet’s fur to avoid dry and flaky skin. Add a spoonful of smooth olive oil to your dog’s diet to enhance the beautiful shine to your dog’s coat and improve its skin.

So, I can add olive oil to my dog’s diet?

Most definitely! Olive oil is an excellent source of fats and nutrients making outstanding contributions to your dog’s immune system, digestion, brain and stamina. No wonder we love to introduce olive oil to several recipes.

Why use extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the first pressing of the finest organic olives. This type of olive oil is rather unrefined, so it retains its high level of flavours and health benefits. Only the highest-quality olives pass the selection, and you only want what’s best for your dog right?

How much olive oil should you give your dog? 

Care to add olive oil to your dog’s diet? Mix it thouroughly with their food, whether wet or dry. Moderation is key : excessive use of olive oil causes diarrhoea. You should give your dog about one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil per day. A teaspoon of olive oil will suffice for our smaller-sized friends. 

Want to make sure that your furry friend enjoys a complete and healthy diet? Does your dog have a sensitive stomach or has he proven to be a difficult eater? Check out our fresh meals!

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