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The 10 signs that show my dog is happy

Unique, each with their own personality and their own temperament, our pooches have one thing in common, however … they all express themselves using body language. Therefore, despite being unable to communicate in words, numerous visible signs reflect your pooch’s happiness. Dog Chef provides an overview of the signs that confirm your pooch is leading a happy life by your side!

1. The wagging tail

The wagging of a dog’s tail can tell us a lot about their mood and their frame of mind. As you are no doubt aware, a dog that wags its tail is often synonymous with a dog in good spirits. In contrast, if their tail is lowered, between their legs, this may reflect stress, anxiety, or fear. As for a raised tail, this may demonstrate a will to dominate.

2. The sparkle in their eyes

To know if your dog is feeling good, look at their eyes: dilated pupils, bright, shining eyes … No, your companion is not abusing illegal substances, they are simply happy and there is no place else they would rather be!

3. Canine language: «1-2, are you receiving me?»

If you find that your companion is jumping, running, going round you in circles barking at intervals, whatever you do, don’t stop them! Your pooch is trying to communicate with you and to convey their happiness to you.

They may also bring you their favourite toy or try to attract your attention. Do not reject their approaches, take the time to play with them and hug them. However, do set boundaries! You are the one who decides when to stop. Do not let them abuse your kindness.

4. A ball of energy

Is your pooch always up for a walk or starting some frenzied games? Do they love to sniff everything under their nose and are they always on the lookout for new things to explore? There is no doubt about it then – your dog is happy, and their pace of life suits them perfectly!

5. Sound sleep

A dog sleeping between 12 and 16 hours per day, principally at night (and a little during the day), is a sign of a happy dog that feels at ease with themselves. However, if your furry friend spends all their days sleeping, that may be the sign of something being amiss … To prevent this, try to entertain them as much as possible by proposing various activities, taking them for walks or giving them stimulating objects such as treat dispensers, olive wood or deer antlers: the ideal way to keep them occupied for a long time.

6. Strange positions

A happy pooch may adopt some very strange and very relaxed positions such as spreading out flat on the floor, rolling in the grass or lying on their back, paws in the air and exposing their belly. This behaviour expresses a sense of wellbeing, your dog is content and has complete confidence in you and the people around them!

7. An invitation to play

If your furry friend feels good, they will show you this by asking you to play. Chest on the ground, rump in the air, tail wagging, all the while yapping excitedly: this is an invitation to play and their delight at your acceptance will delight you too. Allow yourself to be persuaded and enjoy a shared moment with them.

8. Never too much affection

A dog is not always affectionate, but if they are used to receiving cuddles from those around them that they appreciate, they will show you affection in return. Licking, hugging, pawing, wanting to be with you, leaning against you, being relaxed near you, … are signs of affection that show they love you and are happy to be at your side.

9. The party on your return

When you come home and your furry friend demonstrates their joy as soon as you push open the front door, this behaviour proves that they are happy to see you again even if you have only been gone for a few minutes. Their joy is sometimes as great as if they had not seen you for ages. It is simply a sign that you are giving them everything they need, and you can be proud of that.

10. A good appetite

A dog eating the entire contents of their bowl without hesitation and evident pleasure is a sign of good health! On the other hand, a dog not having much of an appetite or becoming voracious may indicate that they are not at ease with themselves. Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian if the problem persists.

We will never cease to remind you that a healthy, high-quality diet is decisive for the physical and mental health of your pooch.

This is why we have created Dog Chef: fresh, balanced meals which above all are tasty and suitable for your furry friend. Each recipe has been developed in collaboration with veterinarians with expertise in canine nutrition to ensure that your furry friend has all the nutrients essential for the proper functioning of their metabolism. There’s no doubt about it, with Dog Chef your pooch will be happy and healthy! Click here to create your dog’s Dog Chef profile.

And what about you, what do you do to make your dog happy?

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