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How do I keep my dog entertained while I’m away?

It’s not always possible to take your dog everywhere with you, especially when you go to work or when you go to places where pets are not allowed. Your furry friend will sometimes have to stay at home alone. But how to prevent your dog from getting bored? There are several games to keep your dog busy while they’re alone. Dog Chef shares its playful tricks for them to pass the time when they’re stuck at home!

How do I keep my dog busy?

All owners ask themselves one question before leaving their house or apartment: what do I do to keep my dog busy?

You probably tend to worry that your dog will get bored during your absence. This situation manifests itself with hypersomnia in animals: when they don’t know what to do, they sleep. However, there are several ways to entertain your dog without being present: canine toys, homemade games or providing them with freedom of space; the possibilities are plentiful. It’s easier when your home has an enclosed outdoor space. You just need to give them access to the outside so they can go and get fresh air whenever they want!

How do you keep your dog busy while you’re at work?

By encouraging him to rest! To do this, you need to make him spend as much energy as possible. Take him with you on your morning jog, or simply play with him in the garden. Playing with a ball or a frisbee will allow him to wear himself out. When you return home, your doggy will think of only one thing: going to his basket to rest! Then you’ll be able to go off to work in peace without him even noticing.

What toys do you need to keep your dog busy?

There are more toys to keep your dog busy than you can imagine! The best solution is to test multiple alternatives to identify the most appealing to your pet. There are toys of different sizes, shapes and textures to keep a dog busy, these are divided into several categories. These so-called “busying” toys are made specifically to stimulate your dog’s intelligence.

More conventional dog toys to prevent common boredom available to you include the chew ball. Chew toys have the benefit of acting on your dog’s oral hygiene and the maintenance of its jaw muscles. They are especially suitable for puppies who must work their jaws to grow their teeth.

When you give a toy to your animal while you’re away in order to keep your dog busy at home, it’s important not to let them always have free access to it.Doing this will give more value to the object, which he will fully be enjoying during your absence. It’s the ideal solution to keep your dog busy in an apartment!

How to keep your dog busy without a toy when you are not there?

One of the solutions is to find it a companion! Obviously, it depends on your available space and budget, but adopting another dog is a good way to help your first pet feel less lonely. Be careful of the breed you choose and the animal’s character; they must get on well to enjoy their time together. Keeping your dog busy during your absence could be by adopting a new one!

Homemade ways to keep your dog busy 

One of the homemade dog game activities is the snuffle mat. A playful and stimulating game, it’s easy to build yourself with few materials. As a toy to keep a single dog busy, the search mat also contributes to the intellectual stimulation of your pet. The concept is that treats are usually hidden inside, and your companion must have the ingenuity to find them. Learning while having fun also works for dogs!

Typically made with soft straps made of fleece wool, it comprises various compartments of several shapes made by using the straps with different difficulty levels. To keep my dog busy during my absence, the goal is to hide treats in the corners of the mat so that the dog engages its different senses to find them.

You can easily build this game yourself to keep your dog busy. Take a rubber mat, fleece blankets or clothes you no longer wear and a good pair of scissors. All you need to do is cut strips and tie them to the mat. But be careful. If your dog is destructive, he could tear them off and destroy the pieces of tissue.

Dog training games without accessories

Are you lucky enough to be at home with your dog? Teach it new tricks by rewarding it with treats or using objects buried in the ground. Playing with this exercise allows your dog to work with its senses while doing physical activity. You can also hide objects inside if you don’t have a garden! Training games are a great solution to keep your dog busy when it rains! They strengthen your bond with the animal and prevent them from getting bored.

For more tips to stimulate your furry friend at home, visit our blog!

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