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What is a Snuffle Mat?

Are you looking for a game to keep your dog busy and stimulate him intellectually? Have you considered the Snuffle Mat? A simple play mat or real tool to develop your dog’s senses? We tell you all about it!

We talked about it in the article on 10 ideas to help your dog exercise. Your dog needs daily physical and mental stimulation to be balanced. Games and toys for dogs are therefore a great way to stimulate the flair and spirit of your four-legged friend.

So, what is it?

The snuffle mat is literally a digging mat for a dog. The overlapping strips of fleece fabric let you hide small treats that the dog must find using his nose. Having become popular on the web, they come in all sizes and colours. Prices usually start around €20 and can go up to €60 or more.

The snuffle mat is very practical since it takes up very little space, so it is easy to take with you when you are on the move.

What are the benefits of a snuffle mat?

First of all, this type of play allows your dog to develop his cognitive and olfactory abilities. As we now know, the dog’s sense of smell is much more developed than ours. Training him therefore requires great concentration and allows him to exert himself intellectually. As a result? This type of training makes your dog feel tired and calm.  

The Snuffle mat also helps to reduce your furry friend’s stress, teaches him to manage his frustration and even helps him sleep!

How to teach your dog to use a snuffle mat

  • Start by putting small snacks prominently on the mat and encouraging your dog to take an interest in them.
  • Praise him when he eats one of the treats. In this way, your furry friend will understand what to look for.
  • Meanwhile, hide new rewards in the snuffle mat this time and so on, making sure to shove the treats further and further into the snuffle mat.
  • Your dog will gradually become more adept at this game, and you can hide the treats so they are harder to find.

Warning: always stay close to your dog when he is playing with his snuffle mat to ensure that he does not tear the strips of fabric and swallow them.

How to make a snuffle mat yourself

‍Psssst! Looking for small treats to put in your play mat? How about adding snacks to your next order?

And you? Have you ever tested the snuffle mat for your dog? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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