Holidays: what should go in my dog’s suitcase? 

It’s here! The big moment has arrived, you are packing the whole family’s things to go on holiday. What are you going to take for your furry friend? We have made a checklist of the essentials to go in your dog’s suitcase. 

The essentials 

These are the priorities to go in your furry friend’s suitcase, as much to say that you cannot leave the house without them: 

  • Leash 
  • Collar 
  • Health record with the number of the usual veterinarian
  • Poop bags (not very glamorous, but we’re pretty sure you’d rather put your pennies in a good restaurant than in a fine because your furry friend decided to poop in the wrong place)

Tips: don’t hesitate to inquire about the nearest veterinary clinic (address, telephone number, opening hours, etc.)


We have already seen in previous articles, dogs do not (in general) like too many changes in their habits. If you have decided to take your furry friend on holiday, you will need to provide a minimum of comfort so that he finds his bearings (and doesn’t want to bask in the chair at the magnificent Airbnb that you have just rented). 

  • So plan to take his basket, if possible.
  • A rug will also be welcome. 


This is a very important point (we all know how much dogs love to eat, right?!). As much as possible, avoid changes in your furry friend’s diet, as diet changes that are too sudden generally make dogs sick. 

  • If your dog eats Dog Chef: you can plan to transport the pudding in an electric cooler or change the delivery address directly in your Dog Chef account (you will find more information on the procedure in this article).
  • If your dog eats biscuits: make sure you take enough biscuits, especially if these are hard to find in the store.
  • Snacks, not essential, but appreciated: Holidays are a great time to learn about new situations with your dog. With snacks, you will be able to reinforce your furry friend’s good behaviour in unknown situations and associate these new experiences with something positive. 

Games and occupations 

You will also probably want to enjoy a quiet moment by the pool or around an aperitif. To prevent your dog from getting impatient and doing silly things, consider taking up occupations such as (the list is not exhaustive): 

  • Intelligence games
  • A snuffle mat 
  • Ball
  • A bone to gnaw 
  • A Kong
  • Lickmats 
  • And so on… 

First aid kit

Obviously, nobody wants a disaster on vacation, but we are never safe from a tick, a small wound or a bite. Here is the basic first aid kit to bring for your dog:

  • Products: hydroalcoholic gel (to wash your hands), antiseptic, mild soap, physiological serum
  • Instruments: tick hook, round-tipped scissor (for cutting hair or bandage), discharge forceps (useful for darts or spikelets), flexible-tipped thermometer, syringe (for washing wounds, no needle!), possibly a nose mask 
  • Other: sterile compresses, bands, Bach flowers for dogs (optional)


You may have heard it before: having a dog is like having a child. This is never more true than when you go on holiday 🙂 

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