What happened at Dog Chef in 2021?

2021 is behind us at last! But before we finally close the book, we wanted to start this new year by sharing some facts, figure sand events that have marked the last 12 months of Dog Chef with you.

January 2021, new year, new treats!

Because we know that your little darlings are great gourmets, we decided to expand our range of treats by adding Chicky. A healthy mild snack made with cured chicken meat. These snacks were created to match our meals: 100% natural, without colouring or preservatives. A tasty gourmet treat for sharing some wonderful moments with your furball.

April 2021, a new recipe is created!

The Dog Chef menu is expanding to include a new pork recipe. This recipe has been crafted to perfection and meets many very strict quality criteria while offering your furry friend the ultimate in tasting pleasure! In addition to being tasty, it is easily digestible and contains no gluten, like all our other recipes.

Composed of 55% pork, 16% carrots, 14% beans, 4% rice, 2% parsnips,2% courgettes and 1% olive oil, this recipe meets all your dog’s nutritional requirements. What could be better?

September 2021, 3-2-1…Woof Run!

Because Dog Chef is not just about eating good food, on 18 and 19 September we donned our finest sports attire to take part in the WoofRun, a canine sporting event open to all! With its dog festival atmosphere, theWoof Run is the ideal place to have some great fun with your faithful companion.A memorable weekend of bonding between dogs and humans, with activities that are 100% pet friendly such as walking, timed canicross, or obstacle courses.

October 2021, a new chewy toy

Faced with such a craze for deer antlers, we decided not to stop there by offering your dearly beloved furry friends a new type of treat to chew on relentlessly: olive wood.

So if you want to protect your favourite shoes and keep your furniture intact, olive wood is THE solution that gives your pooch an activity providing long-lasting chewing pleasure.

Natural, sustainable and healthy, olive wood has already proven its worth for the Dog Chef Family… And what about your pooch?Has he already adopted it?

November 2021, the first dog walks

Because we try to be closer to you everyday… The Dog Chef walks were launched with the aim of being able to share special time with our 2 and 4-legged community. An ideal activity for switching off, where relaxation, social encounters and discoveries await you.

Haven’t had the opportunity to take part yet? Don’t panic, the next walk is on 23 January. To find out more, click here.

Why don’t we learn a little more about the Dog Chef Family?

The TOP 5 most common breeds at Dog Chef

1. French Bulldog

2. Chihuahua

3. Jack Russell Terrier

4. BorderCollie

5. Dachshund

The TOP 5 most original dog names

1. Biloute

2. Enstein

3. Monsieur Mouche

4. Schnouffe

5. Djembébé

The palme d’or for the most original name goes to Monsieur Mouche!

The 3 towns to which we shipped the most parcels


1. Uccle

2. Ixelles

3. Rhode-Sainte-Agathe


1. Paris

2. Boulogne-Billancourt

3. Nice


1. Amsterdam

2. Alkmaar  

3. Epse  


1. Luxembourg

2. Bertrange Concorde  

3. Mondorf-les-Bains

Schlindermanderscheid (Luxembourg) wins the prize for the town with the most difficult name to put on a label!

The most successful recipe

The recipe that most appealed to your 4-legged friends was… (drum roll) the one with chicken! With more than 100,000 sausages ordered in 2021, it is by far the most popular.

 Is it your rascal’s favourite meal too?

The rating you gave us

More and more of you are sharing your experiences with Dog Chef and we are very grateful to you!

With more than 1000 testimonials to our credit, the whole Dog Chef team would like to thank you for your keen interest and trust.

 We read your opinions every day and they are sometimes very touching, like this latest one:  

« My dog had been on a hypoallergenic kibble diet since he was 7 months old. Not happy to have a dog that does not love his meals. I just discovered that DogChef could offer me meals for dogs susceptible to food allergies, a real pleasure to see him finally loving his food! »  Alexandra

 Making you and your furball happy is our priority!

 We can now complete 2021 to make way for a new chapter that promises to be full of nice surprises! STAY TUNED…

 Thank you to the whole Dog Chef Family for making this adventure even better every day ♡

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