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Long vacations: should you have your dog taken care of or take him with you?

Ah, summer! It’s hot, it’s sunny… And above all, there are the holidays! Only problem is, you don’t know what to do with your dog. Take it with you or leave it at home?

This summer, Dog Chef is launching a campaign against dog abandonment. Too many dogs are abandoned during the holidays, yet there are solutions!

That’s why we decided to talk about it openly for this special topic: holidays when you have a dog.
The goal is: take your dog with you or have him looked after, but don’t abandon him! Let’s continue to share happiness, all together.

Going on holiday with your dog

We often can’t wait for the holidays. It’s the opportunity to recharge our batteries, take time with the family – it’s the time to do what you want to do!

However, it is not always easy to find accommodations that accept dogs. Have you already scoured all the conventional rental sites and you still haven’t found the ideal accommodation to welcome the whole tribe? Don’t panic! We have the solution 😉

Did you know that there are specialised sites that offer to find THE perfect accommodation for you and your furry friend? This is particularly the case with Emmène Ton Chien, which offers hundreds of “Dogs welcome” accommodation listings.

All you need to do is indicate your criteria (number of dogs, weight, city, etc.) and choose from a selection of accommodations. Campsites, lodges, hotels, etc. It’s going to be hard to make a choice.

Going on holiday without your dog

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the opportunity to take our furry friend with us on holiday for various reasons: dog too young or too old, with special care needs, travel requires flying, etc. There can be a lot of reasons why you decide not to take your dog on holiday. And that’s ok!

However, solutions must be found, because you are not going to leave your furry friend alone at home for several days.

  • Have it looked after by a family member: do you have someone around you who is willing to look after your dog or come and take care of it in your home? Often, family members will say yes to you to please you. Take into account the fact that it’s a load for them. Ask them frankly by putting them face-to-face with reality: you will have to take the dog out for at least 30 minutes a day, give him food and drink, sometimes play with him and maybe even clean up after him.
  • Place it in a kennel: there are lots of kennels at all prices and all types of services. Kennels are particularly suitable for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs. Be careful, however, kennels are not suitable for all dogs. Most of the time dogs are kept in cages during the day and this may not be right for your dog.
  • Place him in a foster family: this solution is perfect if your dog needs human presence. Your dog will stay and live at the caretaker’s home for the duration of your holidays. However, this option is not suitable for dogs who do not cope well with changes in habits.
  • Have your home looked after: And yes, it does exist! This solution offers several advantages since the house-sitter stays in your home. This option is particularly useful if you have several animals and/or if your furry friend doesn’t like changes in its routine. In addition, as your house is occupied while you are away, the risk of burglary is greatly reduced!

This is all well and good, but are you wondering how you will be able to find this rare gem to take care of your furry friend while you are away? Don’t panic! We invite you to consult Pawshake, THE reference site for the care and accommodation of your furry friend.

As you will have understood, the holidays should not be an excuse to neglect your dog or abandon him, because solutions exist!

Having a dog means a lot of love but also a lot of duties. Before adopting one, behave responsibly by asking yourself if you have the time and the means to take care of it.

And you? Which solution will you choose?

The whole Dog Chef team wishes you a wonderful holiday (with or without your furry friend) 🙂

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