What is a pet sitter? 

Going on holiday when you have a dog can be quite stressful. You're not sure if you should take your furry friend with you or not. Travel and changes in habits can be disruptive and just not possible for all dogs. If you decide to go on holiday without your dog, you will have to find a solution to have him looked after while you are away. Have you ever heard of dog sitters? Focus on these tailor-made services. 

What is a pet sitter? 

A pet sitter is someone who will take care of your furry friend while you are on holiday.
Sounds great, doesn’t it? Wait for the rest! 

Home pet sitter 

A home pet sitter takes your furry friend to their home. In this case, your dog stays with the pet sitter and is an integral part of the family. This solution is ideal for dogs requiring human presence. 

House sitter 

Yes, it does exist! This offer is probably the most comprehensive. The house sitter occupies your house while you are away, watching over your furry friend. This solution is ideal if you have several dogs (or several animals) or if your dog cannot tolerate any change in his habits at all. 

For what types of dogs? 

  • Older dogs: Older dogs sometimes have a hard time coping with changes in their routine. Host families are then recommended so as not to disturb their habits too much or to guarantee them a secure family environment. 
  • Dogs in poor health: If your dog is already in poor health, it may not be advisable to put him in a kennel where certain viruses can spread at breakneck speed. Additionally, some dogs may need specific care. You may well choose a pet sitter who can administer treatment to your dog. 
  • Puppies: Since puppies are not potty trained yet and not always 100% socialised, a kennel experience can be traumatic for them. In this case, a host family remains the best option.
  • Dogs who are stressed or do not cope well with routine changes: As you may have read in this article, routine is often one of the most important points to guarantee the happiness of your dog. In case of travel or absence, it is preferable for this type of dog to be in a known and safe environment. 

Why call on a pet sitter?

You will understand that the services of a pet sitter are completely customisable, unlike those offered by a kennel. At your home or theirs, it's your choice. It is advisable to meet the potential pet sitter beforehand in order to explain your expectations, to present your furry friend and especially to see if there is a connection between them. (After all, this is the person who will take care of your baby while you are away).

Do you want to be sure that your furry friend's habits will be respected and that your dog will find himself in a warm environment? The pet sitter is certainly the best solution! 


Prices for accommodation at the pet sitter's home generally vary from € 10 to € 40 depending on experience, but also on their facilities or training. However, count on average € 20 per 24 hours of care. 

Where can I find a pet sitter? 

It's all well and good, but you are probably wondering where you will find this rare gem? Here again, we have the solution! 

Pawshake, the go-to site for dog and pet sitting near you. 
How does it work? 

Pawshake is a platform that identifies and connects pet owners with pet sitters. All you have to do is go to their site or their mobile app and select your criteria: Location, dates, price, size and number of dogs accepted, etc. 

Pawshake then offers you a list of pet sitters matching your needs and expectations. 

It's then up to you to have a first (free) meeting with the pet sitter you have selected, nothing could be easier! 

In addition to secure online payment, Pawshake offers you a reservation guarantee as well as medical coverage for your dog. 

What more could you ask for if not the guarantee of finding a loving and kind person? (Well yes anyway, it's your baby we're talking about). Again, Pawshake goes further by offering a review system, allowing you to rely on the experiences of other users to make your choice. 

You can finally go on holiday with peace of mind (and without putting your parents or neighbours to work. That's great, isn't it?)

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