How can I make my dog happy? 

Have you watched the videos of Loranne, our behaviourist, and now you are dreaming of a dog as calm and obedient as Ma√Įka? What if we told you that the recipe for happiness is very simple? Only 4 little things to remember, promise!¬†

Physical exertion

It seems obvious, but for a dog to feel good in his paws, he needs to be physically expended and of course walks  play an essential role in this. When we talk about walks, we mean REAL walks, not the quick pee on the corner at the first street light. Even if sometimes we don't have time (it happens to all of us, no judgement), it is however necessary to plan at least a 30-minute walk at a sustained pace every day.

To exert your dog, you can also play "go find". However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that some dogs are simply unable to stop and sometimes play to the point of exhaustion (this is particularly the case with border collies).

Raising your dog's level of excitement through play is not a bad thing in and of itself, but you should also teach him to calm down when you instruct him to do so. 

Mental exertion 

A dog also needs mental stimulation to feel good (much like us actually). He needs to think and learn new things in order to develop his olfactory and cognitive abilities. 

To stimulate your dog, do not hesitate to make him look for things or objects. As the dog's sense of smell is 60 times more developed than that of humans, using his nose requires great concentration, which inevitably tires him.

Chewing needs 

Since the dawn of time, dogs need to chew. So it is not necessarily to annoy you that your dog carefully gnaws all the chair legs in your home. Chewing is a basic need for dogs. 

And to prevent him from preying on children's toys, plan ahead and offer him something to chew on. There are loads of products on the market that are perfectly suited: ropes, Kong-type sets, gnawing bones, deer antlers, etc.  

Social needs 

Just like you, your dog needs to see other individuals. Whether they are other dogs or other humans, your dog definitely needs social contact. Besides, try as much as possible to get your dog used to all kinds of people and physiques: old people, children, people of different cultures, people using a cane or wearing a hat, etc.

The more different people and situations your dog knows from an early age, the easier it will be for him to get used to new situations (you will thank us). 

The little extra 

Most dogs are very greedy and love to eat. By offering them fresh, palatable food adapted to their needs, you are not only pleasing their chops but also their health. To learn more, do not hesitate to consult this article on homemade food.


If your dog is happy, you will be as well. Having a dog is a lot of love but also responsibilities and duties. By making your dog happy, you guarantee harmony for the whole family :-) 

And you? What are you doing to make your dog happy? 


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