Discovery Pack

9,99 €

The fastest way to get your dog to taste Dog Chef. The ''Discovery Pack'' contains 5 fresh samples of 200gr, one from each recipe: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Duck and Fish. The package will be delivered fresh to your home.

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✔︎ Starter guide
✔︎ 1 x 200gr Beef Menu
✔︎ 1 x 200gr Chicken Menu
✔︎ 1 x 200gr Duck Menu
✔︎ 1 x 200gr Fish Menu
✔︎ 1 x 200gr Pork Menu
✔︎ Gift card
  • You will receive your 5 fresh samples at the chosen time.
  • Keep it 1 week in the fridge and 4 months in the freezer.
  • You should not give a full sausage at once without transition; you need to introduce the new food very slowly in his/her current food over several days in order to avoid any digestive disorder.
  • Once the sample are tested and approved, if you want to continue with Dog Chef, you will need to add our mineral and vitamins supplements (AlphaMix and OmegaMix) for a complete and balanced diet (free for subscribers).
  • If you dog loves it, go to to create a tailor-made plan.
  • Question? Our client support agents and vets are here to help.

Beef Menu

This red meat recipe will satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Its high-quality ingredients provide all the nutrients that your dog needs for its daily well-being. What’s more, it is suitable for sporting dogs because it is dense in energy.

Chicken Menu

A complete, balanced and highly digestible meal that will delight white meat lovers, and is also suitable for sensitive dogs.

Duck Menu

A perfectly balanced cereal-free recipe ideal for dogs with allergies to traditional meat sources. The duck is accompanied by sweet potatoes, buckwheat and vegetables.

Fish Menu

We designed this complete recipe, especially for allergic dogs who love fish. With sweet quinoa and various vegetables, the white fish recipe does not contain cereals and is perfectly balanced.

Pork Menu

A recipe designed to create even more variety in the Dog Chef menu while covering all your dog’s daily needs. Like the chicken recipe, it is particularly digestible and tasty.


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