Frequently Asked Questions

Trial Order

How can I try?
We offer you a two-week trial box so you can see if your dog is enjoying our meals. This allows you to make a smooth food transition (5 days) and allows your dog to try out all 4 recipes so you can place your second order knowing their favorite tastes.
What will I receive in my trial box?
In your trial box, you will receive portions tailored to meet your dog's nutritional needs. Either for 14 days (100% Dog Chef formula), or for half of his daily needs for 14 days (50% Dog Chef formula). The box also contains an explanatory sheet showing you how to serve meals, store them, how to give the supplements… You will also have a summary sheet of the contents of your box indicating the ideal quantity to give each day to your dog.
How can I pay?
We offer several means of payment: Bancontact, credit card, credit card, direct debit and PayPal. So you can choose the option that suits you best. Payments by credit card and direct debit are automatic and are debited automatically from your accounts.
What can I do if my dog ​​doesn't like it?
Unfortunately, a change in food is not easy for all dogs. If your dog doesn't like our meals, we recommend that you warm up the ration a little, some dogs prefer it warm. If you haven't tried all of the recipes, we recommend that you do. Dogs can have very sharp tastes. In some cases, supplements can also be a concern. You can try to feed the rations without adding them at first, then add them little by little if that goes well. There is no risk of short-term deficiencies. As a last resort, you can try feeding it 50% Dog Chef and 50% kibble and see if it goes better.


How does a subscription work?
Your subscription launches directly after you order the trial box. You can cancel it directly from your Dog Chef account. However, it has many advantages. The subscription is non-binding. Orders are automatically scheduled so you never run out of meals. You can postpone your orders, adapt recipes, change the delivery address, ... from your Dog Chef account. You receive an email on the Thursday before each delivery week. So you always have time to adapt your order.
Can I cancel my subscription easily?
Of course ! The subscription is completely free. You can cancel it free of charge and at no cost whenever you wish from your Dog Chef account via the " my box " section. You can relaunch it at any time from your Dog Chef account as well. Thanks to the subscription, you get Nutrimix and OmegaMix free in your orders and 15% off (with the 100% Dog Chef formula).
Am I entitled to a reduction if I have more than one dog?
We know that it's not always easy to feed multiple dogs while staying on a budget. As soon as you enter more than one dog in our system, you automatically get a reduced price for your orders.


How is the delivery going?
With our different formulas, you can be delivered at home or at work, on a regular basis or not. We sync our deliveries in the most perfect way possible to make sure you never run out of food. We deliver throughout the Benelux as well as mainland France. Your meals arrive in refrigerated vans or in specially designed insulated boxes. The cold chain is therefore preserved throughout the delivery. How do you know what to take for my dog?
What ingredients do you use?
First of all, we only use ingredients of the highest quality. All of our ingredients are sourced from trustworthy suppliers. We don’t process our ingredients to give them a long shelf life. The aim is to preserve the natural natural nutritional content of our food. You find all of our ingredients by selecting a recipe on our website. We do not add any preservatives nor flavour enhancers.
How much does Dog Chef cost for my dog?
Each dog beeing different, the price varies depending on several factors such as the size of the daily portion, the frequency of delivery, the subscription chosen ... Answer the questionnaire to find out the exact price for your dog! We do not sell in stores, so what you pay goes directly to the quality of the ingredients for your dog, not the middleman.
How are dogs recipes created?
Our certified veterinarians, nutrition experts, rigorously formulate each recipe so as to make it complete and balanced according to European requirements. We only use ingredients of the highest quality. Each recipe is prepared in our workshop in Huldenberg.
How do you know my dogs daily portion?
We developed an algorithm with the help of our veterinarians to determine the ideal meal plan for each dog. We start by asking the appropriate questions and create a personalized plan to meet your dog's needs based on a dozen factors (breed, build, activity level, etc.). You can adapt the information about your dog throughout your Dog Chef subscription to always receive the ideal portion according to his needs.

Health / Diseases

Why can't I cook for my dog ​​myself?
You can! But recent studies have shown that 95% of online recipes are sorely lacking in essential nutrients for your dog. Serious complications from nutritional deficiencies (and also overdoses) can occur if a recipe is not calibrated properly.
Should I consult my veterinarian before starting Dog Chef?
Do not hesitate! Your veterinarian will be happy to hear that we work with veterinarians who are experts in canine nutrition, and while many vets often debate certain feeding trends, they all agree that homemade feeding well done. and well balanced is perfect for dogs. If your dog does not require a special dietary prescription and is in good health, he will be very happy to know Dog Chef, with or without consulting your veterinarian. If you have any questions about the compatibility of our meals with your dog's pathology (s), do not hesitate to send an email to our veterinarian Véronique ([email protected]) who will be happy to help you choose the best recipe for your dog.

Other questions

Other questions?
Our Dog Hero team are here to help you Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays and public holidays from 9am to 5pm. They are always happy to help you find solutions to any problems you may have. They can be reached via the site's live chat, by email via [email protected], via Messenger and also by telephone.
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