Why is it important to spend time with your dog? 

Having a dog is good, spending time with him is better! While it goes without saying that we don't adopt a dog to leave it behind, there are real benefits to spending time with our furry friends. In this article, we give you 4 good reasons to invest your free time with your dog. 


Consolidate your relationship 

Obviously, the more time you spend with your dog, the stronger your relationship will be. It's a bit like with people, the more you see a person and experience things with them, the deeper and more sincere is your relationship.

Your dog must be able to trust you and for that he must know you. He needs to be able to observe you in various situations and emotional states. Hence the importance of spending as much time as possible together. 

A positive effect on your morale

The natural enthusiasm of dogs has already affected more than one. The dog is one of the only animals to have total confidence in us. It is not for nothing that it is often called "Man's best friend". Who cannot smile faced with a dog who is simply happy to see us and who celebrates us when we come home? 

Add to this that most dogs have a real connection with their master and feel their emotional state perfectly. In most cases, a dog will know how to react when you are feeling anxious, sad, or happy. 

Have you ever noticed your dog snuggling up to you or just resting his head on your lap when you have the blues? What could be more reassuring at this time than to share a moment of complicity or caresses with your furry friend? :-)

So that he doesn't stay alone too long 

We suspect it, but we don't adopt a dog to leave him alone all year round. 

Even if we would like to, it is not always possible to take your dog everywhere. People who work full time are often forced to leave their dog alone for long hours. 

  • If you have no other solution, consider offering him something to chew on while you are away.
  • Also avoid giving him full access to the whole house and make sure that your dog has his own space to rest.

It's good for your health

Anyone who says dog says walk (yes yes, even if you have a garden). The dog forces you to move (it should ideally be taken for a walk several times a day). It is recommended to walk your dog at least 30 minutes a day. This is the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and stretch your legs! Hey presto, two birds with one stone. 


You will understand, here at Dog Chef we love dogs, and we can only advise you to invite a little ball of fur to be part of your life :-) 

What are your favourite moments with your dog? Tell us all about it! 


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