Does my dog (really) need a bed?

For some time now we have been talking about dog space, games, activities and beds. All of this is to say that, when we decide to adopt a dog, there are a host of different things that we have to acquire. Between the collar, the lead, the games, the bowls, the care products, the blankets and bedding, more often than not, we don't know which way to look! With all of these things we have to purchase, is the bed really essential? We'll tell you all you need to know!

In the wild, dogs don't have beds - well, that's true.

Some people take this stance, and not without reason (we must admit, we rarely have  seen a three-seater leather sofa right in the middle of the forest). While it is true that, historically speaking, dogs have been accustomed to sleep outside or in comfortless places, this does not mean that they would voluntarily choose to sleep on concrete, or even a tiled floor.

The dog must have its own space

As explained in this article about how essential  it is for your dog to have his own space otherwise may your furry friend  feel confused, and will not know where to go when he wants a little peace and quiet. It is very important to respect this space and refrain from invading it, especially when your dog is resting there.

The only thing your dog "owns", is his bed

While it is certain that dogs like their comfort and most of the time will prefer sleeping on your sofa rather than on a 3mm-thick mat, we should, however, let go of the idea that they absolutely must have a bed in order to feel comfortable. Some dogs will only sleep on cushions, others prefer their own dedicated armchair... yet it is sometimes the case that dogs will prefer the coolness of the tile floor on very hot days.

How do you choose a dog bed?

If, however, you happen to be pro dog bed, your furry friend will be very grateful! With the vast array of options available, it is easy to feel a little bit lost. Here are a few points that merit your attention prior to choosing your dog's future bed:

  • The material: Go for a solid material that will be resistant to knocks and bumps and your four-legged friend's teeth (especially if you are adopting a puppy). Plastic will do the job perfectly. If you are not a fan of this material, consider a bed made of recovered wood, or perhaps a leather dog bed (the latter are not suitable for destructive dogs).
  • The size: Your dog's bed must be perfectly adapted to his size, i.e. not too large and not too small. To be specific, your dog must be able to curl into a ball in his bed, and also stretch out to full length. In any case, you should take your dog with you when purchasing the dog bed - this way you will know immediately whether or not the size is suitable.
  • The style: Yes, the style. Nowadays people do not necessarily want to hide the dog bed away as though an object of shame in our homes - the dog bed has become a genuine interior design piece. At Dog Chef we loved the stylish dog beds from Maison Médor.

What do you think of memory foam cushions?

Contrary to what one might think, memory foam cushions are not (just) marketing hype. They are particularly recommended for old dogs suffering from joint problems or who have difficulty getting up.

Conclusion: it is difficult to give a clear answer to this question: do you have to give your dog a bed or not? What is certain, is that your dog requires a space in which he feels happy, and with at least enough comfort that he will want to sleep there. It should, nonetheless, be noted that the notion of comfort is unique to each individual dog, and you pet will most certainly get used to whatever you give him.

And what about you? Are you part of Team Dog Bed, or is it Team Floor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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